Number One Desert Island Book Of All Time: High Fidelity

Nick Hornby was a middle aged British guy before I entered college. Yet somehow when I read the book High Fidelity in 1997 long before I ever had anything like a real girlfriend it seemed to predict my worries and concerns around subjects that were important to me. At the time of course there was only two subjects that were actually important to me at all, girls and music. (Maybe three if you count drugs.)

The book is about a lead character stifled by his rampant opinionizing and his inability to get over his own hang-ups and give himself over to his own pursuits, be those pursuits artistic or in matters of the heart. Somehow, and it begs the chicken or the egg thing, the book laid out clearly to me what my problems might one day be when I had the opportunity to date and fuck people. And somehow it all turned out the exact same way.

High Fidelity is my favorite book ever. At once relatable, easy to read, funny and touching. I would recommend it to anyone but I am obviously biased.

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